Cleaning Methods


Cleaning Methods

The Exceptional Cleaning Method

Exceptional Upholstery, Carpet and Rug Cleaning uses a combination of shampooing and clean, hot water rinsing and extraction:

  • After vacuuming, your entire carpet is shampooed with a soft rotary brush to loosen surface and embedded soil particles.
  • Our specialists get down on their hands and knees to clean all of those hard to reach areas along baseboards, doorjambs and floor vents.
  • The carpet is rinsed two to three times with clean, hot water to remove dirt and residue from deep within the carpet.
  • Thoroughly rinsing the carpet ensures that no residue remains to attract soil to your carpet. Your carpets stay cleaner longer.

For a more detailed description of our Exceptional cleaning method, visit Our 12 Point Promise. This process takes longer to perform, but our "Exceptional" results will astound you!

For more information and to learn more useful tips, please visit Why Clean Your Carpet. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page insight into Exceptional Upholstery, Carpet, & Rug Cleaning's complete cleaning methods. Your carpets, upholstery and rugs will be cleaner than ever and stay cleaner longer.

"Other" Cleaning Methods

The professionals at Exceptional Upholstery, Carpet, & Rug Cleaning can remove the residue and detergent left behind from previous cleanings where another method was used and the detergents were not extracted.

Hot Water Extraction
"Sometimes referred to as steam cleaning"

Using the hot water extraction method, hot liquid is sprayed under pressure into your carpet pile and simultaneously vacuumed back out along with any dirt and residue lodged within the carpet. The liquid is usually hot water containing a detergent or cleaning solution.

While this type of cleaning can be performed with portable equipment, truck-mounted equipment does a better job on soiled carpets. The truck-mounted equipment allows the technician to heat the water from the truck-mounted tanks to a high temperature. This solution is then sprayed, and extracted at much higher pressures than is possible with portable equipment. This truck-mounted high pressure system allows the deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery fibers.

Some hot water extraction machines enhance the effectiveness of the process by using rotating brushes or other agitation devices to work the cleaning solution into the carpet and help loosen soil. At Exceptional Upholstery, Carpet, & Rug Cleaning we take the extra step to rotary shampoo and deodorize your entire carpet with a soft nylon brush. This step ensures complete loosening of both surface and deeply embedded soil particles and oily grit.

Many truck-mounted units are simply portable units bolted into a truck and lack the power needed to deep clean your carpeting and upholstery. The most effective machines, such as those used by Exceptional Upholstery, Carpet and Rug Cleaning, are powered by the truck's engine rather than the customers home electrical power.

Absorbent Dry Compounds
Dry powder compounds that contain detergents or solvents are sprinkled onto the carpet, and then worked into the carpet pile by machine. The detergent or solvent dissolves the oily film on carpet fibers and the powder compound is then removed by a vacuum cleaner. This method only cleans the surface or contact area of your carpet and is not as effective as hot water extraction, which deep cleans the carpet pile.

Bonnet Cleaning
Bonnet cleaning uses a round absorbent pad called a bonnet, which is attached to a rotary floor machine. Detergent is sprayed onto the carpet and the pad is rotated over the carpet surface removing soil that adheres to the bonnet. When one side of the bonnet is soiled it is reversed until both sides are soiled. In some cases the carpet is then rinsed. This method, generally used in commercial buildings, only cleans the carpet surface.

Foams are just a form of shampoo. Foams used by homeowners are available in aerosol cans, and are applied in a thin layer and rubbed in with a sponge. Once dry the residue is simply vacuumed away. The low moisture content of this method means that much of the soil remains embedded in your carpet and upholstery and only the surface is cleaned. Many foams are difficult to rinse out of carpet and upholstery fibers and may interfere with later attempts to clean your carpeting by use of hot water extraction.

Carpet shampoos operate in a manner similar to laundry detergents used to wash your clothing. Shampoo is released onto the carpet through openings in a rotary brush. The rotary action creates foam that is worked into the carpet. Once the shampoo dries the shampoo particles and dirt are removed by a vacuum cleaner.

Unfortunately many of the loosened soil particles are never removed and simply work their way deeper into the carpeting. Use of either too much detergent, low quality detergent, or improperly mixed detergent will lead to a buildup of a sticky residue on carpet and upholstery fibers. Further, repeated cleanings without proper extraction (see hot water extraction above) will overload the carpet with residue and contribute to accelerated resoiling (your carpets get soiled faster and require more frequent cleanings).